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Governor Larry Hogan created the Governor’s Office of Performance Improvement by Executive Order on October 8, 2015. He and Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford are focused on improving Maryland agencies through transparency and accountability, making state government more efficient and responsive to taxpayers, and ensuring Maryland taxpayer dollars are spent responsibly.


The Governor’s Office of Performance Improvement assists agencies with measuring and managing performance information. We also work with agencies to communicate performance information internally and externally. We also support agencies with implementing performance and process improvements.

Chief Data Office 

By Executive Order 01.01.2021.09, the State Chief Data Officer was created to supervise and direct the use and management of data by units of State government under the supervision and direction of the Governor (“State Units”). The SCDO is responsible  for the assessment of data needed by State units to inform policy decisions, facilitation and coordination of  the sharing of State data. Among State units, such that State units receiving data comply with all prohibitions and restrictions on disclosure or release of the data applicable to the State unit sharing it; and between State units and the publics; and Analysis of data by State units. Track progress in implementing secure and efficient data use and management by the State Measure advancement in the analysis of data by the State

Chief Privacy Office 

The Chief Privacy Officer oversees the state’s privacy program and initiatives with respect to data protection matters and is responsible for monitoring program compliance, investigating and tracking incidents and potential breaches, and ensuring citizens rights.

The Maryland Open Data Portal

The Maryland Open Data Portal is a public-facing solution to visualize and download over 300 searchable datasets of valuable Maryland data. From crime statistics, to phosphorus pollution reduction measures for the Chesapeake (with EPA targets), to tax revenue from Maryland tourism, to wait times at the Motor Vehicle Administration, to property assessments, and much more. Here is the link –

Maryland Council on Open Data

Maryland state agencies are required by statute to publish machine readable open data. They are assisted by the Maryland Council on Open Data, which promotes the policy of making state data easy to access and use.